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How to Conduct an Effective “Strategy Refresh”

While most institutions regularly complete strategic planning exercises, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided a natural opportunity for higher education leaders to examine their existing strategy statements and priorities, given major macro-environmental shifts. It is critical that boards and cabinets engage in conversations refreshing their strategies without necessarily undergoing long and drawn-out strategic planning processes. During this Ask the Expert session, leading higher education strategist and professor Paul Friga and attendees will discuss the key concepts and frameworks from the recent Trusteeship article “Time for a ‘Strategy Refresh’ for Your University,” share best practices among participants, and discuss new ways to execute strategy more efficiently and effectively.

Who should attend:
Public or private institution members (boards and campus leaders)

Date: Monday, December 13
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Paul Friga, PhD, leader of AGB Consulting’s Strategic Transformation of Public Higher Education practice area